Apr 9 – 11, 2024
Kulturhaus Lÿz, Siegen
Europe/Berlin timezone

The 5th edition of the "Beyond the Flavour Anomalies" workshop will take place in Siegen, Germany, from 9th April till 11th April 2024. It will be hosted by the theoretical particle physics group of the University of Siegen.  

The previous editions of the "Beyond the Flavour Anomalies" workshop are:

  1. Online, 1-3 April 2020 
  2. Online, 20-22 April 2021
  3. IPPP, Durham University, 26-28 April 2022
  4. Barcelona, 19-21 April 2023

The purpose of this event, organized shortly after the Moriond conference in March, is to bring together world-leading experts from theory and experiment to discuss in detail the current status of anomalies in flavour physics. The format of the workshop includes several talks, covering experimental overviews and prospects of measurements of flavour observables, and the theory status of these anomalies, including both the SM side (by revisiting the underlying hadronic effects) and possible BSM scenarios. Joint discussions between experimentalists and theoreticians of different aspects of the anomalies in an informal way will definitely be helpful to shed more light on origins of these tensions as well as to shape a clearer path for future studies and investigations.  

Preliminary topics of the workshop are:

  • Rare semileptonic decays
  • Tree-level semileptonic decays
  • Lepton flavour universality ratios
  • Tree-level non-leptonic decays
  • Charm sector
  • Hadronic effects
  • Experimental overviews and prospects
  • Beyond the Standard Model 

In order to encourage more informal, fruitful and insightful discussions, the number of participants is limited. Therefore participation is by invitation only.

Kulturhaus Lÿz, Siegen
St.-Johann-Strasse 18, 57074 Siegen