Jul 17 – 21, 2023
Hörsaalzentrum Unteres Schloss
Europe/Berlin timezone

Social Events

Monday July 17, 2023: Welcome Reception

We invite you to meet your colleagues and friends in a relaxed atmosphere at our welcome reception taking place at the Unteres Schloss Monday evening. Snacks and drinks are provided.

Tuesday July 18, 2023: Public Lecture

Please join us for the public lecture by Matthias Neubert (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) taking place at the Apollo-Theater on Tuesday evening.

(Copyright of the picture: Marc Gauert)

Wednesday July 19, 2023: Excursion

We reserved Wednesday afternoon/evening so you can experience highlights of the Siegen area. Please choose between vising the Wisent-Welt, a species conservation project to preserve the European bison, or the stalactite cave, Attahöhle. For both excursions we will organize a bus transfer to/from the conference site. 

(Copyright of the picture: John Ellis)

Thursday July 20, 2023: Conference Dinner

The conference dinner takes place at the restaurant "Wirtshaus Schloss Stüberl" Thursday evening. Located next to the Oberes Schloss you will enjoy beautiful views of the Siegen area and traditional Bavarian cuisine. Please choose your preferred dinner option when filling out the indico registration. The dinner options are listed below.




Knusprige Schweinshaxe

(Crispy Pork Knuckle)

Fresh from the oven, served with delicious Paulaner Bier sauce, plus two fresh potato dumplings and traditional braised sauerkraut with apples.


(Copyright of the picture: Alexander Lenz)




Note: All the pictures are NOT photos of the actual foods served at the restaurant. They only illustratively indicate what the content of your meal may look like.





Gebratener Leberkäse

(Fried Meat Loaf)

Served with two fried eggs and Bavarian bacon potato salad.










(Pork Schnitzel)

Crispy breaded schnitzel of Viennese style, served with lemon, French fries and colorful market salad.







Überbackene Käsespätzle

(Egg Noodles with Baked Cheese)

*** Vegetarian ***

Egg Noodles, baked with roasted onion, hearty alpine cheese and mountain cheese.


(Copyright of the picture: Wirtshaus Schloss Stüberl)







(Cabbage Turnip Schnitzel)

*** Vegan ***

Crispy breaded German cabbage turnip slices, served with vegan side dishes.


(Copyright of the picture: Tom Tong)





Großer Salatteller

(Large Salad)

*** Vegan ***

Served with herbed mushrooms, plus a little bread roll.




(Copyrights for the rest of the food pictures are under the Creative Commons)