May 17 – 21, 2024
University of Siegen
Europe/Berlin timezone


Scientific Program


Quantum Key Distribution, taught by

  • Ramona Wolf (ETH Zürich, U Siegen) – expert on the theory of quantum-secure communication

Quantum Complexity, taught by

  • Stephen Piddock (U Bristol) - expert on quantum complexity theory

Quantum Computing, taught by

  • Mariami Gachechiladze (TU Darmstadt) – expert on quantum computing
  • Patrick Huber (U Siegen) – expert of experimental quantum computing with ions
  • Michael Johanning (U Siegen, eleQtron) – lead developer of ion trap-based quantum computing

Quantum Foundations, taught by

  • Adan Cabello (U Sevilla) – expert on quantum correlations and contextuality

Lab Tours / Workshop 

We have different options on Sunday afternoon:

  1. Quantum Optics Lab with Trapped Ions, visit the labs of Christof Wunderlichs quantum optics group, presented by Patrick Huber (U Siegen).
  2. Get an introduction to Qiskit, taught by Chau Nguyen (U Siegen). Please bring your own laptop, if you want to participate.
  3. Laboratory of Nano-Optics, visit the labs of Mario Agios nano-optics group, presented by Florian Sledz (U Siegen). 

Note that lab tours are taking place at Emmy Noether Campus (Walter-Flex-Straße 3)

Panel Discussion "Are quantum technologies relevant for industry?" 

The panel discussion chaired by Kiara Hansenne (U Siegen). OUr panalists are

  • Fabian Klarner (eleQtron, Siegen) – Team Lead Laser, Optics and Electronics in a company which develops and operates quantum computers 
  • Ramona Wolf (ETH Zürich, U Siegen) – expert on the theory of quantum-secure communication
  • Peter Thomassen (SSE – SECURE SYSTEMS ENGINEERING GMBH, Berlin) – Senior Solutions Architect, working on IT security consulting  

Questions from the audience are welcome!

Poster Session 

Poster sizes up to A0 are accepted.

Social Events


On Friday evening, we have a games evening. Games are provided, everyone is welcome to bring their own games as well.


We have a free afternoon on Monday. We provide different options for activities. 

We spent the last evening in the Bar früh bis spät (Fürst-Johann-Moritz-Straße 3). They provide Bierpong tables. The special offer of the evening is a 10 liters beer barrel to be shared. Drinks are self paid.