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A Formalism for Extracting Track Functions from Jet Measurements
A guide to the QCD light-cone sum rule for b-quark decays
A Hunt for Magnetic Signatures of Hidden-Photon and Axion Dark Matter in the Wilderness
All Loop Scattering as a Counting Problem
A model-independent measurement of the CKM angle γ in partially reconstructed B±→D∗h± decays with D→K0Sh+h− (h=π,K)
A New Higgs Boson with Electron-Muon Flavor-Violating Couplings
Anomalies in Hadronic B Decays
Assisted neutrino pair production in combined external fields
Associated production of a W boson with a top-antitop quark pair: next-to-next-to-leading order QCD predictions for the LHC
Asymmetric collisions in MadGraph5_aMC@NLO
A test of lepton flavor universality with a measurement of R(D*) using hadronic B tagging at the Belle II experiment
A Universe Without Weak Interactions
Bbar_{d,s} → K*^0 Kbar*^0 decays, a serious problem for the Standard Model
B¯→D¯D Decays and the Extraction of fd/fu at Hadron Colliders
B→D∗ℓνℓ semileptonic form factors from lattice QCD with Möbius domain-wall quarks
B→D∗ vector, axial-vector and tensor form factors for the full q2 range from lattice QCD
Bell inequalities and quantum entanglement in weak gauge bosons production at the LHC and future colliders
Bell inequality is violated in B0→J/ψK⋆(892)0 decays
Bπ excited-state contamination in lattice calculations of B-meson correlation functions
Complementary constraints on Zbb¯ couplings at the LHC
Constraints on the trilinear and quartic Higgs couplings from triple Higgs production at the LHC and beyond
Determination of the D→ππ Penguin over Tree Ratio
Discriminating B→D∗ℓν form factors via polarization observables and asymmetries
Dispersive Analysis of B→K(∗) and Bs→ϕ Form Factors
Effects of Renormalon Scheme and Perturbative Scale Choices on Determinations of the Strong Coupling from e+e− Event Shapes
Evidence for B+→K+νν¯ Decays
Explanation of the Hints for a 95 GeV Higgs Boson within a 2-Higgs Doublet Model
FeAmGen.jl: A Julia Program for Feynman Amplitude Generation
FeynGame-2.1 -- Feynman diagrams made easy
Fingerprinting CP-violating New Physics with B→Kμ+μ−
FIRE 6.5: Feynman Integral Reduction with New Simplification Library
First Experimental Study of the Purely Leptonic Decay D∗+s→e+νe
First measurement of R(Xτ/ℓ) as an inclusive test of the b→cτν anomaly
First Simultaneous Determination of Inclusive and Exclusive |Vub|
Growing Excesses of New Scalars at the Electroweak Scale
Higgs to bb¯ from Vector Boson Fusion for High-Scale Physics
Hint of a new scalar interaction in LHCb data
Inclusive Semileptonic b→cℓν¯ Decays to Order 1/mb^5
Lattice calculation of the Ds meson radiative form factors over the full kinematical range
LePDF: Standard Model PDFs for High-Energy Lepton Colliders
Light-Cone Sum Rules for S-wave B→Kπ Form Factors
Measurement of the Ratio of Partial Branching Fractions of Inclusive \bar{B}→Xuℓ\bar{ν} to \bar{B}→Xcℓ\bar{ν} and the Ratio of their Spectra with Hadronic Tagging
Model-independent extraction of form factors and |Vcb| in Bbar→Dℓ−νbarℓ with hadronic tagging at BaBar
Multi-Higgs Boson Production with Anomalous Interactions at Current and Future Proton Colliders
N3LO Power Corrections for 0-jettiness Subtractions With Fiducial Cuts
NeatIBP 1.0, A package generating small-size integration-by-parts relations for Feynman integrals
Neutron Dark Decay
New Perspectives for Testing Electron-Muon Universality
Old and new anomalies in charm
On the gauge-invariance of SCET beyond leading power
Photon-neutrino interactions
Probing Lepton Number Violation: A Comprehensive Survey of Dimension-7 SMEFT
Problems in a weakless universe
Production and decays of 146 GeV flavons into eμ final state at the LHC
QCD Light-Cone Distribution Amplitudes of Heavy Mesons from boosted HQET
Reduce, Reuse, Reinterpret: an end-to-end pipeline for recycling particle physics results
Region analysis of QED massive fermion form factor
Renormalons in the energy-energy correlator
Scattering Amplitudes in Quantum Field Theory
Search for the lepton-flavor violating decay of the Higgs boson and additional Higgs bosons in the eμ final state in proton-proton collisions at s√ = 13 TeV
Signals of strong parity violation in deep inelastic scattering
Strange-quark mass effects in the Bs meson's light-cone distribution amplitude
TASI Lectures: (No) Global Symmetries to Axion Physics
Testing Bell inequalities and entanglement with di-boson final states
Testing entanglement and Bell inequalities in H→ZZ
Test of lepton flavor universality in B± → K±μ+μ− and B± → K±e+e− decays in proton-proton collisions at s√ = 13 TeV
Test of lepton flavour universality using B0→D∗−τ+ντ decays with hadronic τ channels
The 95.4 GeV di-photon excess at ATLAS and CMS
The anthropic principle and the mass scale of the Standard Model
The forest as a neutrino detector
The NNLO soft function for N-jettiness in hadronic collisions
Theories and Experiments for Testable Baryogenesis Mechanisms: A Snowmass White Paper
The Standard Model effective field theory at work
The Standard Model theory of neutron beta decay
To (b)e or not to (b)e: No electrons at LHCb
Triple Higgs Boson Production at the Large Hadron Collider with Two Real Singlet Scalars
Triple Higgs boson production to six b-jets at a 100 TeV proton collider
Universes without the Weak Force: Astrophysical Processes with Stable Neutrons
Using the W as a Standard Candle to Reach the Top: Calibrating Energy Correlator Based Top Mass Measurements
Waiting for Precise Measurements of β and γ
What Makes A Discovery
When the Machine Chimes the Bell: Entanglement and Bell Inequalities with Boosted tt¯